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Our Services


We provide in home plant care for short or long term durations. Visits include watering, fertilizing if needed, maintaining humidifiers and grow lights or any other specific plant needs. Whether you have a few or a jungle of love, we've got you covered.

Indoor Plants, Plantsitting, Houseplant care

Regular Maintenance

Having plants in your space puts people at ease but caring for them can be stressful. Let us take care of them for you. Weekly maintenance visits include watering, fertilizing, cleaning of leaves, preventative pest treatments, pruning and soil topping. Repotting services included with maintenance service. Regular maintenance available for commercial and residential collections.

Plant maintenance, housplant care, plant care services


Plants can need to be repotted for several reasons. Sometimes they outgrow their pots, need some fresh soil or you just want them in a different pot. Our repotting service includes trimming and pruning plants if needed, a custom soil mix according to your plants needs and a nursery pot. We will happily repot into a decorative pot if you would like to provide one. We come to you and repot in your home!

Repotting service, houseplant care, plant care service
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